Saturday, January 26, 2013

Culture Warriors

To my conservative evangelical Christian friends:

I don't know if of you realize this, but for many of us we have slowly drifted from the ancient path of making disciples of Jesus... of seeking first His Kingdom... of being salt and light in a dark world, and have degenerated in too many cases to working valiantly to perpetuate a culture. 

To be sure, there are good things about Western Judeo-Christian culture, and the loss of it has some serious ramifications. But culture building is not the reason we were called by Jesus. While I heartily agree that we should be engaging our culture, and at some level we have a responsibility to be activists, Jesus' kingdom is not of this world. It is invading this world. We're kind of like ambassadors and heralds of that kingdom, and we await the day it comes. And certainly, we can work for justice and righteousness in this world without becoming beholden to any human system.

For the sake of God's work in his world, let us rethink what we are putting our passion and energy into.


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