Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Doesn't Work

I'm telling you the truth, and you can choose to believe it or not: Simply banning "assault rifles" in an effort to stop school shootings neither addresses the actual problem nor accomplishes anything of substance. All it takes is a handful of these weapons available in the underground economy to do what was done in Newtown. 

It is effectively impossible to eliminate even 90% of high-capacity weapons, let alone all of them. The multiple mass shootings in Western Europe should decisively demonstrate that. The Black Market will always be a ready supply of weapons, if people want them badly enough. 

I am NOT saying we shouldn't regulate, try new ideas, increase penalties, innovate, work against gun trafficking, etc. We have to do something. 

I AM saying that the "assault rifle" ban has already been tried (1994-2004), and Columbine and other shootings took place anyway. It's like trying to strain out a bacteria with a fish net. 

Ultimately, I don't care if they ban them. I don't own one, I don't want one, and I know that my constitutional rights are not compromised by the banning of weapons by category. I'm simply insisting that to think that this legislation will "prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook" is to believe a FANTASY. At the very best, all it can do is reduce the probability by a tiny percentage. 

I am a parent of four kids in Chicago public schools. I want something that might actually work, not political posturing.


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