Monday, April 11, 2011

My Review of Torq

Worth Considering

By Esteban from Chicago, IL on 4/11/2011


3out of 5

Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Attractive Design, Great Features

Best Uses: Computer, Commuting, Cycling, Travel

Primary use: Business

Let me start by saying that I really love the bag. There is nothing like it in the department-store world. It has great, practical features, is incredibly ergonomic, and overall a pleasure to use.

Having said that, there were a couple issues... The first Torq bag I got was fantastic, but I noticed shortly after purchase that there was a significant stitching problem on the inside of one of the straps - it was as if the fabric was cut too narrowly or the machine just missed a couple inches or something. If it had been a cheap department store bag I wouldn't have thought twice about it. But it wasn't. It was a nearly $200 dollar bag.

So I contacted Spire and they were absolutely fantastic, and the bag was replaced with an even better updated model with no questions asked.

So why three stars? It turns out that the Torq is one of the few imported bags Spire makes. I really feel that $170 was too much to pay for a bag with such a fundamental stitching error, and definitely too much to pay for an imported bag with such an error.

I almost hate to sound so negative, because I really admire the company and its products. It's just that at the price they're asking there should not be such problems.



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