Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ten Reasons I Did Not Vote For Obama

I could not vote for someone who constantly talks about “change”, yet refuses to stand up to rampant corruption in his own party

I could not vote for someone who expresses concern for justice yet condones the indiscriminate killing of the unborn, denying them any chance at justice

I could not vote for someone who disingenuously blamed “failed Republican policies” for our financial difficulties, when the crisis was spurred on by both parties, with the Democrats in the driver’s seat

I could not vote for someone who was a product to the Chicago Machine, and accountable to it

I could not vote for someone whose approach to foreign policy is appeasement

I could not vote for a champion of “gay rights”. I simply cannot understand how “gay rights” is substantively different from rights for polygamists, pedophiles, and the incestuous. While I am bound by Christ to love all people and all sinners, and while I am certainly guilty of sin myself, I cannot bow to pressure to call the perverse “normal”, and I cannot vote for someone who does

I could not vote for someone worshipped to the point of absurdity by the national and local media. One has to be a little leery of someone so adored by journalists

I could not vote for someone so popular in Europe

I could not vote for someone whose only real accomplishments are raising a family, community organizing and getting himself elected

I could not vote for someone who reinforced the American bent toward style over substance

There were some things that impressed me about Obama… his concern for the disenfranchised, his ability to articulate ideas, his potential to serve as a bridge builder… Unfortunately, these were vastly outweighed by his leftist ideology and his unwillingness to confront the real issues related to change in our country



Anonymous Tony said...

And he does not support our constitution. I wish there were more people out there who voted FOR a candidate instead of voting for against a candidate.

November 6, 2008 at 8:56 AM  
Blogger Eliot said...

What "rampant corruption"? Be specific.

Even the Republicans ran on "failed Republican policies" that needed to be fixed.

Your accusation of appeasement is a misunderstanding of foreign policy.

Obama doesn't support gay marriage. His stance is pretty much the same as most Republicans.

Kennedy was adored by the media. So was Reagan. Same for popularity in Europe.

November 12, 2008 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Why do I need to be specific? Don't you read the paper?

How many Democrats (not to mention Republicans) are being investigated by the Feds here?

People like John Kass begged Obama to speak out on real corruption issues in his own party, but he did not. That would have been a courageous thing to do, and would have done a world of good. But he kept his lip zipped.

Sorry I don't understand foreign policy... I thought that offering to talk to the insane president of Iran (who amounts to a terrorist, essentially) was appeasement, but what do I know?

Reagan was not adored by the media. At least not universally! You should have read the papers back in 1980.

Liberal Europe's obsession with Obama is what concerns me, and I am entitled to hold that opinion. Apparently something about his ideology and philosophy resonates with them. It is one reason among many I did not vote for him.

Disagreeing with that is like disagreeing with my favorite color: You're entitled to, but it doesn't mean anything.

Man, you gotta learn to blog nicer, Eliot! This is not a debate; it's a conversation :0)

November 12, 2008 at 12:40 PM  

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