Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Mouse

By popular demand, I am posting my Mouse story…

In my previous post, I told the dark tale of the rat getting caught in the mouse trap. Well, I responded to that little misadventure by going to Ace Hardware and buying RAT TRAPS. They’re like a mouse trap, but bigger. Much bigger. Take your finger off bigger.

What I learned is that catching a rat in a mouse trap is VERY DIFFERENT than catching a mouse in a rat trap.

So anyway, I screwgun my rat traps to my shed floor because I’m tired of having to go hunting for missing traps. I set my peanut butter bait, and I wait.

After a day or two, I go in the shed to see if I have had any luck.

No rats. Dang.

But I looked closer… one of the rat traps had been sprung!

Even closer still I looked. No rat. But what’s this…?

A tail! A mouse tail!

I caught a mouse tail in my rat trap!

It seems that mice are a bit too small to be killed by the big jaws of the rat trap, but they’re just long enough to get their tails snipped off at the base. I mean right at the base, next to their little butts.

So now I have a tailless mouse running around in my shed at night. Funny. At least from my perspective – I’m sure the mouse was not too amused.

Oh – and I caught TWO mice, too! That’ll teach ‘em!


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